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August 31, 2022

Chile's draft Constitution is for women, too

Julieta Suárez-Cao
The draft of a new Magna Carta in Chile proves that a constitution of and for women is possible, writes Julieta Suárez-Cao. But uncertainty lies ahead: polls regarding the constitutional vote on September 4th indicate it could be rejected
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May 28, 2021

In search of legitimacy: the Chilean road to a new constitution

Julieta Suárez-Cao
Chile’s constitutional reform started after massive social protests in 2019. With gender parity, reserved seats for indigenous people, and a significant number of seats for independent delegates, Julieta Suarez-Cao argues that the country's assembly is on track to rebuild democratic legitimacy in the years to come
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photograph of Julieta Suárez-Cao
Julieta Suárez-Cao
Associate Professor at the Institute of Political Science, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Julieta holds a PhD in Political Science from Northwestern University, and a BA in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires.

Her areas of expertise are Latin American politics, subnational politics, political parties, electoral systems, and women's representation.

Julieta is a coordinator of the Red de Politólogas #NoSinMujeres network of female political scientists, a project that seeks to promote, make visible and enhance the work of women dedicated to Latin American political science.

Follow her on Twitter @jujuchi

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