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August 12, 2021

Party system ‘closure’ and its impact on democracy

Zsolt Enyedi
Over time, European party systems develop ‘closure’. Zsolt Enyedi and Fernando Casal Bértoa analyse how this happens, and what impact it has on European democracy
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Zsolt Enyedi
Professor, Central European University and Leverhulme Visiting Professor, University of Oxford

Zsolt has co-authored two and co-edited eight volumes and published numerous articles and book chapters, mainly on party politics and political attitudes.

His articles have appeared in journals such as European Journal of Political Research, Political Studies, Political Psychology, West European Politics, East European Politics, Party Politics, Europe-Asia Studies, Problems of Post-Communism, Democratization, Journal of Legislative Studies, Perspectives on Politics, Social Thought and Research, Journal of Political Ideologies, East European Politics and Societies and European Review.

He was the 2003 recipient of ECPR's Rudolf Wildenmann Prize and the 2004 winner of the Bibó Award.

Zsolt has held research fellowships at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Kellogg Institute (Notre Dame University), the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies, the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and Johns Hopkins University.

Follow him on Twitter @enyedi_zsolt

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