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April 11, 2022

🦋 Beyond words: rescuing the democratic ideal

Viktor Orri Valgarðsson
Viktor Valgarðsson argues that words are not enough to understand the concept of democracy. 'Democracy' denotes an important ideal that we must not sacrifice on a mountain of words.
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March 22, 2022

Can political trust be rebuilt?

Viktor Orri Valgarðsson
Citizens across the world appear to be losing faith in politics and governments’ ability to solve society’s problems, but can their faith be reclaimed? Viktor Orri Valgarðsson suggests that what may be needed is a new trust settlement – one of critical trust, which must be earned
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photograph of Viktor Orri Valgarðsson
Viktor Orri Valgarðsson
Research Fellow, TrustGov, University of Southampton

Viktor’s research at the TrustGov project focuses on global trends and generational dynamics in political trust, support and participation; with a focus on what these trends mean for the state of democracy in the world and how our democratic systems should respond to them.

Within that broad remit, his research has touched on diverse topics such as declining voter turnout, post-crash party politics in Iceland, the role of trust in vaccine hesitancy and what British voters expect of their politicians.

His research has been published in the Journal of European Public Policy, Scandinavian Political Studies, Political Studies, Political Research Quarterly, Globalizations and Vaccines.

He tweets @viktor888

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