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May 21, 2021

'I can't breathe!' – but this time, it's India

Vittorio Bufacchi
India is the seventh-richest country in the world. Yet it recently recorded the highest-ever daily death toll from Covid-19. It's a disaster, write Vittorio Bufacchi and Urmi Bhattacharyya, caused by India’s gross inequalities, along with misguided political decisions and policies throughout the country's pandemic response
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Vittorio Bufacchi
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, University College Cork

Vittorio has taught at University College Dublin; Yale University; Dartmouth College; University of Colorado, Boulder; and the University of Manchester.

He is the author of Social Injustice: Essays in Political Philosophy (Palgrave 2012); Violence and Social Justice (Palgrave 2007); and Italy Since 1989 (with Simon Burgess, Palgrave 1998). He is also editor of the Palgrave Philosophy Today book series.

Vittorio's latest book,  Everything Must Change: Philosophical Lessons from Lockdown, is published in 2021 by Manchester University Press.

Everything must change Philosophical lessons from lockdown By Vittorio Bufacchi

His main areas of research are social injustice; human rights; violence; Covid-19; and Cicero’s political thought.

Follow him on Twitter @BufacchiV

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