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10 2021

'Women are not interested, nor are the voters'. The lack of female politicians on the eve of the Czech parliamentary election

Šárka Homfray
Gender equality experts and the general public have criticised the lack of female political representation in the Czech Republic. Despite these criticisms, Czech political parties still aren't presenting many female candidates in the forthcoming parliamentary election. Czech voters, argues Šárka Homfray, have few opportunities to achieve real change
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photograph of Šárka Homfray
Šárka Homfray
Trade Union Lawyer (Trade Union of State Bodies and Organisations) / Deputy Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Committee (ČMKOS)

Šárka got her law degree at Charles University in Prague in 2007, and after a decade in public service started working as a trade union lawyer.

Besides labour and public service law, her main interests are gender and sociological studies of the job market and workplace, and the future of work after the fourth industrial revolution.

Her opinions and analyses on these issues are often published by Czech media, online and in print.

Šárka is currently studying for her second master's degree at Charles University in Prague, this time in gender studies.

Follow her on Twitter @sarka_homfray

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