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December 27, 2022

🦋 Democracy’s total texture and the search for its narrative truth

Simone Belko
Simone Belko invites us to imagine research into democracy as an 'artful science'. Without mediation by experts or representatives, but only through open civic intelligence, we can together determine the total texture of democracy from the bottom up. This self-referential poetics has the potential to define democracy in still untold ways
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photograph of Simone Belko
Simone Belko
Independent Researcher

Simone is an author and blogger with an interdisciplinary background in language and media science, European politics, and digitalisation and technology in business.

She is an expert in the field of digitalisation, with wide-ranging experience in the tech start-up scene in Germany.

She is looking for ways to encourage digital literacy and political participation in globalised cyberspace and social media.

As a generalist, Simone is interested in how collective identity is created and changed through community building in Europe.

She focuses on contemporary narratives and how they encourage the shift from top-down social engineering to a democratic bazaar community in the public sphere.

She tweets @Selina_Merina

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