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September 4, 2023

Right-wing populism reaches Argentina

Somsubhra Banerjee
Javier Milei's victory in the primary elections is a sign that Argentina, previously a bastion of left-wing populism, is joining the global trend of right-wing populism. Argentina, writes Demian Iglesias Seifert, is now following the patterns we see in Brazil and El Salvador. Strong support from young men catapulted the La Libertad Avanza leader to first place in the primaries
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photograph of Somsubhra Banerjee
Somsubhra Banerjee
PhD Candidate, University College Dublin

Som is part of the ERC-funded Foundations of Institutional Authority (FIAT) project at UCD's Sutherland School of Law.

His research focuses on the gaps between constitutional norms and lived experiences.

He tweets at @SomBanerjee10

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