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October 20, 2021

🌊 Civil society organisations under pressure in the world’s biggest democracy

Soumi Banerjee
Soumi Banerjee and Rishi Jha argue that the rising wave of illiberalism is causing a shift in state-civil society relationships around the world. In contemporary India, the government often targets NGOs, resulting in the partial or complete seizure of operations
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photograph of Soumi Banerjee
Soumi Banerjee
PhD Candidate, School of Social Work, Lund University

Soumi's doctoral study explores civil society legitimacy, resilience, and resistance and investigates the state-civil society relationship in countries experiencing democratic backsliding.

She is the author of Quintessential Other: The construction of self and other in the narratives of the partition of India (2018), and The History of Perpetual War: Indo-Pak Relations (2016)

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