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November 11, 2021

🦋 Lost in translation? Democracy and its non-English variants

Ryusaku Yamada
Based on English language terms, Jean-Paul Gagnon’s democracy data mountain faces considerable problems in translating non-English words which have no exact equivalents. Ryusaku Yamada uses the example of ‘mass’ (as in ‘mass democracy’), and a Japanese word, ‘taishū’, to reveal the potential comprehension gap in any translation exercise
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photograph of Ryusaku Yamada
Ryusaku Yamada
Professor of Political Theory, Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Soka University

Ryusaku holds a PhD in politics from the University of Sheffield.

His fields of expertise include democratic theory, mass society theory, citizenship studies and feminist political theory.

Ryusaku is currently undertaking a study of Karl Mannheim’s political and social thought in England in the 1930s and 1940s.

He contributed a book chapter, ‘Mannheim, mass society and democratic theory’, to The Anthem Companion to Karl Mannheim, edited by D. Kettler and V. Meja (Anthem Press, 2018).

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