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October 28, 2022

🦋 How elections stifle democracy in Kenya

Reginald Oduor
Reginald M.J. Oduor encourages more political theorists to disentangle themselves from the idea that democracy and elections are inextricably bound. Through this he seeks to promote the pursuit of genuine citizen participation in post-colonial states in Africa and elsewhere
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Reginald Oduor
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Nairobi

Reginald holds a PhD in political philosophy from the University of Nairobi.

He gained a BEd in Arts and an MA in Philosophy, both from Kenyatta University.

He is the first person with total visual disability to be appointed to a substantive teaching position in a public university in Kenya.

Africa beyond Liberal Democracy In Search of Context-Relevant Models of Democracy for the Twenty-First Century, edited by Reginald Oduor

He is sole editor of Africa Beyond Liberal Democracy: In Search of Context-Relevant Models of Democracy for the Twenty-First Century
Lexington 2022

Reginald is also lead editor of Odera Oruka in the Twenty-First Century, RVP 2018.

He was founding Editor-in-Chief of the New Series of Thought and Practice: A Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya.

His research interests include political philosophy, African philosophy, philosophy of technology, the politics of knowledge production, ethics, disability rights, and philosophy of religion.

He tweets @ReginaldOduor

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