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November 16, 2020

Biden's narrow victory means power-sharing with the Republicans

Richard Johnson
Joe Biden won the American presidential election, but by such a narrow margin that, when combined with the outcome of the congressional elections, and especially the possibility of a Republican-controlled Senate, his power to achieve much is likely to be severely constrained, writes Richard Johnson
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October 30, 2020

Despite the favourable polls, a Biden victory in the US presidential election is still too close to call

Richard Johnson
Despite the favourable polls, a Biden victory in the US Presidential Election is still too close to call
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Richard Johnson
Lecturer in US Politics & Policy, Queen Mary, University of London

Richard joined Queen Mary in 2020. Previously, he was a lecturer at Lancaster University. He has held visiting research and teaching positions at Yale University, Cambridge University, and Beijing Foreign Studies University. He studied at Cambridge and Oxford.

With a focus on race and American democratic development, he has written about African American candidates in predominantly white contexts,¬†the ‚Äėtwo Reconstructions‚Äô,¬†liberal Republicans and civil rights,¬†school segregation,¬†the racial politics of Barack Obama‚Äôs Chicago,¬†the fundraising strategies of working-class candidates,¬†racially polarised partisanship, and the¬†racial policies of the Obama¬†and¬†Trump administrations. Current projects include¬†an analysis of US foreign policy¬†through the lens of its domestic institutions, the ‚Äėfavourite son‚Äô effect of presidents in their home state, and American populist traditions.

Richard Johnson is also interested in British politics, particularly the history of the Labour Party. He has written a number of pieces on Labour Party history, the left and the EU, UK trade policy, and psephology.

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