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December 15, 2021

The EU's energy taxonomy saga

Rafal Fabianowicz
The current energy price crisis, the forthcoming European Council meeting and a new German government might create an opportunity to add nuclear energy and transitional fossil fuels to the EU's energy taxonomy. Rafal Fabianowicz assesses the possible outcomes to the ongoing saga
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photograph of Rafal Fabianowicz
Rafal Fabianowicz
PhD Candidate in Political Science, Andrássy University Budapest

Rafal is writing a compilation dissertation about the interplay of democracy and climate-related sustainability in Central and Eastern Europe.

He is also a co-lecturer in the field of European Governance, focusing on the climate, energy and environmental governance of the EU.

Beyond academia, Rafal believes that theory needs to be put into practice.

To this end, he is a Research Fellow for the think-tank European Democracy Lab in Berlin and engages as an External Relations Officer for the NGO V4SDG – Visegrád for Sustainability in Budapest.

As an entrepreneur, he leads a small Hungarian-based company offering consultancy and research services.

Rafal is a member of the EIT-Climate KIC Network of Climate Coaches.

He tweets @RFabianowicz

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