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April 3, 2023

💊 A case for democracy’s digital playground

Petr Špecián
Petr Špecián argues that democracy would benefit from experimenting with alternative institutional designs in simulated digital worlds. By providing a ‘playground’ with well-calibrated stakes, such an approach could accelerate innovation and help navigate democracy through the challenges of the 21st century
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June 3, 2022

🦋 Science of Democracy and the Owl of Minerva

Petr Špecián
The project of collecting democracy’s words has a quietist undertone. Petr Špecián argues that it provides a desirable counterweight to the activist urge to rethink and redesign the political order. Especially so in today’s challenging times
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photograph of Petr Špecián
Petr Špecián
Assistant Professor, Charles University; Prague University of Economics and Business

Petr's current research focuses on epistemic democratisation, and he is increasingly fascinated by the potential of large language models to revolutionise epistemic institutions.

Additionally, Petr has a strong interest in political epistemology and democratic theory.

His book Behavioral Political Economy and Democratic Theory: Fortifying Democracy for the Digital Age, draws on his background in economics and philosophy.

Behavioral Political Economy and Democratic Theory

Petr serves as an assistant professor at Charles University and the Prague University of Economics and Business in Czechia, where he teaches courses in applied philosophy and economic theory.

He tweets @PSpecian

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