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10 2021

🦋 Not deliberating about democracies is a deadly trap

Patricia Roberts-Miller
Responding to Jean-Paul Gagnon’s blog on the science of democracy, Patricia Roberts-Miller recalls 'Thucydides' trap' to explain the dangers of forcing one meaning of democracy over others, as happened during the Athenian Empire. Silencing other democracies harms people through wars overseas and suppression at home. And it can, in turn, ruin those very democracies that are doing the silencing
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photograph of Patricia Roberts-Miller
Patricia Roberts-Miller
Professor Emeritus, Department of Rhetoric and Writing, University of Texas at Austin

Patricia is a former Director of the UT Austin University Writing Center.

Her most recent book is Speaking of Race: How to Have Antiracist Conversations That Bring Us Together (The Experiment, January 2021)

Speaking of Race: How to have Antiracist Conversations that Bring us Together by Patricia Roberts-Miller

Earlier books include
Rhetoric and Demagoguery (Southern Illinois University Press, 2019) Finallist, Rhetoric Society of America book of the year
Demagoguery and Democracy (The Experiment, 2017)
Fanatical Schemes: Proslavery Rhetoric and the Tragedy of Consensus (University of Alabama Press, 2009)
Deliberate Conflict: Argument, Political Theory, and Composition Classes (Southern Illinois University Press, 2004)
Voices in the Wilderness: Public Discourse and the Paradox of Puritan Rhetoric (University of Alabama Press, 1999)

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