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May 18, 2023

🦋 Studying democratic multiplicity democratically

Pablo Ouziel
James Tully, Keith Cherry, David Owen and Pablo Ouziel explain how different conceptions of democracy can be grouped into 'families of democracies'. Thrillingly, they show how different families can 'join hands' and work together to establish an ecosocial succession that benefits everyone
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April 21, 2022

🦋 How to overcome democratic gridlock

Pablo Ouziel
Today, democratic imaginaries are diluted while parochial understandings of democracy are presented as universal. Such a state of affairs, argues Pablo Ouziel, calls for a deeply diverse speaking-with multilogue amongst democratic traditions
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photograph of Pablo Ouziel
Pablo Ouziel
Associate Fellow, Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria

Pablo is co-founder of the University of Victoria's Cedar Trees Institute.

He is also a visiting fellow at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.

His research interests include public philosophy, collective presences, horizontality, nonviolence and civic democracy.

By standing within the tradition of public philosophy, the core of Pablo's work is centred on excavating networks of individuals governing themselves in numerous ways that supersede our current structures of representative government.

Democracy Here and Now: The Exemplary Case of Spain
University of Toronto Press, 2022

Democracy Here and Now: The Exemplary Case of Spain

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