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01 2021

The Arab uprisings ten years on: the EU must change its policy of neglect

Maria Gloria Polimeno
The EU has failed to support democracy and political change in the Middle East and North Africa. Maria Gloria Polimeno argues for a more inclusivist social approach, along with radically revised foreign policy
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Maria Gloria Polimeno
Researcher in Middle East Politics, IAIS, University of Exeter

Maria Gloria is a PhD candidate (awaiting viva) in Middle East Politics, and a Teaching Fellow at the University of Exeter. Her doctorate was entitled Variation in the Regime: The Struggle for Internal Political Legitimacy in Egypt, 2013–2019.

Prior to her PhD, she initiated a two-year MPhil studies in International Politics at the University of London, 2014–2016. She has held research positions at the London Middle East Institute (SOAS) as Academic Visitor and Visiting Research Scholar. In 2013–2014 she was Honorary Research Fellow at the University of London. Since September 2018 she has taught at the University of Exeter's Department of Politics and IAIS. She taught at Birkbeck College from 2016–2017 and was awarded a Teaching Fellowship at SOAS from 2017–2018. In 2018 she was invited to the Post-Conflict Studies Operations Centre (Italian Ministry of Defence) as an academic expert for the Middle East-North Africa.

2021 research activities

Maria Gloria is country expert in the EU Parliament and British Academy funded GLOBALCIT programme at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at European University Institute, and an expert on selected MENA countries for the EU Commission DEVCO and European Research Council (ERC)-funded Varieties of Democracy V-Dem project at the University of Gothenburg.

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