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May 24, 2021

How corruption drives political participation – and the people most likely to mobilise

Martín Portos
The fight against corruption has been at the heart of recent mass protests across the world. But does corruption drive political participation, and if so, who is it mobilising? Research by Raffaele Bazurli and Martín Portos suggests – counterintuitively – that people with less education are the most likely to rise up
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Martín Portos
Conex-Plus Marie Curie Fellow, Department of Social Sciences, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

In 2018 Martín won the Juan Linz Best PhD Dissertation Award in Political Science and the ISA’s Worldwide Competition for Junior Sociologists.

He has published on political participation, social movements, and inequalities, in journals including American Behavioral Scientist; Information, Communication & Society; Regional Studies; and West European Politics.

His latest monograph is Grievances and Public Protests (Palgrave MacMillan, 2021).

Grievances and Public Protests Political Mobilisation in Spain in the Age of Austerity

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