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09 2021

🦋 The tension between the singular and multivarious conceptions of democracy

Marcin Kaim
The merit of Jean-Paul Gagnon’s project is that it calls attention to the friction between singular and plural conception of democracy. While this is a well-known topic in democratic theory, it does not remain central. However, writes Marcin Kaim, a lexicon, and therefore a 'total texture' of democracy, could bring about a change
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photograph of Marcin Kaim
Marcin Kaim
Independent Researcher

Marcin holds a doctorate in Comparative Law and Politics from Nagoya University.

He is currently working as an analyst, dealing with regulatory impact assessment.

His academic interests include democratic theory, political participation, and Luhmannian system theory.

Marcin is particularly interested in the practical and theoretical consequences of different conceptualisations of democracy and participation, and the link between involvement in alternative forms of political participation and attitude formation.

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