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November 7, 2022

Power competition will bring new opportunities – and crises – for small powers

Marius Ghincea
As we enter a new period of great power competition, small powers across the world are presented with novel opportunities. However, small states also face crises that will test their resilience. Marius Ghincea argues that only those states which can build resilience and cross-group cohesion will reap the spoils of emerging power competition
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photograph of Marius Ghincea
Marius Ghincea
PhD Researcher, European University Institute

Marius is also a Research Fellow at the Hertie School of Government.

His research interests focus on the domestic politics of foreign policy, identity and foreign policy, and the contestation of the international order.

Currently, he is researching the sources and mechanisms of cross-party foreign policy consensus.

He tweets @MariusGhincea

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