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March 18, 2021

What explains Germany’s conversion to common European Union debt?

Lucas Schramm
In 2020 Germany promoted a bold European response to the corona crisis, involving common EU debt. This contrasts starkly with its position a decade before, when it favoured austerity over fiscal stimulus and debt pooling. Lucas Schramm and Amandine Crespy argue that the specific nature of the corona crisis reconfigured Germany’s national interests in Europe
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Lucas Schramm
PhD Researcher, European University Institute, Florence

Lucas holds a Master’s degree in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges. In his dissertation, he analyses past and more recent political crises in the process of European integration, seeking to explain the variation in crisis outcomes.

His recent publications include An Old Couple in a New Setting: Franco-German Leadership in the Post-Brexit EU (with Ulrich Krotz, Politics&Governance, vol. 9 no. 1, pp. 48-58) and Exit from Joint-decision Problems? Integration and Disintegration in the EU's Recent Poly-crisis (European Review of International Studies, 2020, vol. 7 no. 1, pp. 2-27).

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