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June 21, 2021

When democratic experience distorts democracy

Kristian Vrede Skaaning Frederiksen
Citizens of young democracies sanction governments for violating democratic principles. However, as Kristian Vrede Skaaning Frederiksen finds, in new research based on data from 43 countries, citizens of old democracies do not. Given recent attacks on democracy across the world, the insights are important for policymakers as well as citizens
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photograph of Kristian Vrede Skaaning Frederiksen
Kristian Vrede Skaaning Frederiksen
PhD Candidate, Aarhus University

Kristian researches why undemocratic political leaders sometimes enjoy support among citizens, and what to do about it.

Beyond the research behind this article, he is currently working on a solo-authored project with survey-experimental data from the Czech Republic, Mexico, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States on the same topic.

Follow him on Twitter @kristianvsf

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