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September 21, 2022

The Queen's two bodies and the political power of metaphor

Kandida Purnell
Kandida Purnell explains the significance of the transition between the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the crowning of King Charles III. There is a strange (yet strategic) legal-theological history and tradition which gives the UK's monarch two ‘bodies’. In doing so, it breathes life into the still commonly deployed metaphorical ‘body politic’
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photograph of Kandida Purnell
Kandida Purnell
Assistant Professor of International Relations, Richmond American University in London

Kandida's research concerns the local-global politics of bodies.

She has written on the body politics of the Global War on Terror, resistance practices, mass casualty events, repatriation and commemoration processes, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rethinking the Body in Global Politics
Routledge, 2021

When This is Over: Reflections on an Unequal Pandemic
Co-edited with Jenny Edkins, Lucy Easthope, and Amy Cortvriend. Forthcoming from Bristol University Press – Policy Press, 2023

Kandida Purnell

She tweets @KandidaPurnell

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