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November 24, 2022

🦋 Democracy requires description, not explanation

Hojjatollah Sadeqi
Hojjatollah Sadeqi reads Jean-Paul Gagnon’s 'definitions of democracy' project through Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophical methods. The result? Gagnon has, by necessity, placed us in a dark and complex city of 'democracy'. The only way to understand this city is to do all we can to describe it
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photograph of Hojjatollah Sadeqi
Hojjatollah Sadeqi
Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yazd University, Iran

Hojjatollah has been teaching and researching at Yazd University's Faculty of Economics, Management and Accounting since March 2010, after gaining his doctorate in public administration (developmental and comparative issues).

He has supervised several master's and doctoral theses, and written extensively about the application of machine learning to governance, management, and finance.

His current research interests include philosophy of governance, philosophy of technology, and the impact of emerging technologies, including blockchains, on governance, public policy, and development.

He tweets @Sadeqi_Hojjat

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