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05 2022

Rwanda-UK refugee deal is an insult to Africa’s integration process

Hannah Muzee
The British government's Rwanda-UK asylum deal exposes the detrimental effects of an absolute state sovereignty principle in the African Union. This principle, argues Hannah Muzee, is a major stumbling block to Africa’s desired unification objectives
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04 2022

🌊 The sad state of democracy in Uganda and Rwanda

Hannah Muzee
The new democratically oriented regimes that emerged in Rwanda and Uganda after the 1980s aspired to overcome postcolonial sectarianism. Those aspirations now appear largely to have receded, argue Hannah Muzee and Femi Mimiko, as both regimes have drifted into personalised politics and illiberal practices
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photograph of Hannah Muzee
Hannah Muzee
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town

Hannah holds a PhD in Governance and Regional Integration from the Pan African University, Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, and the University of Yaoundé II Soa in Cameroon.

She has authored a number of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, including:

Social Media and Elections in Uganda: The Case of Bobi Wine and the Arua Primary Elections in the Social Media and Elections in Africa series; and

'Patriarchy, Gender, and Deliberative Democracy: How does it Play Out in the Uganda Parliament?' in Negotiating Patriarchy and Gender in Africa: Discourses, Practices, and Policies.

Her research interests include gender politics, deliberative democracy, governance, and politics in Africa.

She tweets @MuzeeHannah

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