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January 15, 2021

Youth unemployment in the Western Balkans is fuelling Europe’s highest emigration rate

Gala Naseva
A lack of state initiatives to curb unemployment among young people in the Western Balkans has resulted in the highest emigration rate in Europe, writes Gala Naseva — and the pandemic is making matters worse for this vulnerable group
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photograph of Gala Naseva
Gala Naseva
Chief editor at Platform, the multilingual and multicultural news association of young Balkan journalists

Gala is a legal researcher and the current chief editor of the multilingual association of young journalists from The Balkans, Platform.

She completed her LLM in Intellectual Property Law at CEIPI, Strasbourg University and Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, and is now finishing the MA programme in Gender studies at ISSHS, North Macedonia and Justus Liebig University, Germany.

Gala has worked as a legal consultant for the Helsinki Committee of Human Rights, USAID (MSI), The National Democratic Institute and OSCE (ODIHR).

Her research focuses on gender inequalities in the labour market in The Balkans, and on gender-based violence. She has been engaged in the process of harmonising various legal acts with EU legislation in North Macedonia.

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