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12 2020

Academic activists want to break out of their ivory towers, but in doing so risk creating a new form of elitism

Francesco Saverio Montesano
An increasing number of scholars want to campaign for positive change outside the academic echo chamber, but overlook their own evidence when they refuse to engage with any view not exclusively based on science. Francesco S. Montesano argues that this will only deepen the gap between ‘experts’ and the rest of society
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photograph of Francesco Saverio Montesano
Francesco Saverio Montesano
PhD candidate in the GLOBALGOALS project at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University

Within the project, Francesco studies the steering effects of the Sustainable Development Goals at the international level, drawing on international relations theory to develop frameworks to analyse change in discourse and policies.

He holds an MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics, and throughout his academic and professional career he has specialised in international relations, global governance and foreign policy analysis.

Prior to joining Utrecht University, Francesco worked as a researcher at the Clingendael Institute in The Hague and at the College of Europe in Bruges.

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