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January 21, 2022

The hasty withdrawal of the US leaves women’s rights in Afghanistan at risk

Farooq Yousaf
Farooq Yousaf and Bilquees Daud highlight the significant risk to women’s rights caused by the failure of the United States to include women in the so-called ‘peace deal’ signed with a male-dominated Taliban. As a consequence, the signs of regression immediately appeared in Afghanistan, and constitute a real threat.
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Farooq Yousaf
Senior Researcher, swisspeace

Dr Farooq Yousaf grew up in Peshawar, Pakistan, and is currently based in Basel (Switzerland) working in the Statehood and Conflict Program at swisspeace.

He focuses on Postcolonialism and Gender, Peace and Security in South Asia.

He has previously completed his PhD in Politics from the University of Newcastle in Australia, and his book Pakistan, Regional Security and Conflict Resolution: The Pashtun ‘Tribal’ Areas examines peace and conflict resolution on Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

He has published chapters in edited volumes and papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has previously worked in the public policy and non-profit research sectors in Pakistan and Australia; most recently with the New South Wales Government’s Department of Premier and Cabinet.

He tweets @dg_academic

Pakistan, Regional Security and Conflict Resolution, Farooq Yousaf

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