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08 2021

🌊 The new leader of the Finns Party reinforces an illiberal turn

Emilia Palonen
The Finns Party elected a new leader this weekend. The baton passed from Jussi Halla-aho to his radical right-hand woman Riikka Purra. This, writes Emilia Palonen, is a move that consolidates the Finns as a party of illiberal right-wingers
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photograph of Emilia Palonen
Emilia Palonen
Senior Researcher in Political Science, University of Helsinki

Emilia leads three externally funded research projects and the Helsinki Hub on Emotions, Populism and Polarisation research group.

Her current research interests include comparative social media analysis and discourse theory.

Emilia has been studying and commenting the on Finns Party for a long time, while she gained her understanding hegemony and political polarisation through researching Hungarian politics.

She is the official Finland contributor for Political Data Yearbook.

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