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January 23, 2024

The big election year of 2024

Carl Henrik Knutsen
Billions of citizens will cast their vote in 2024, some in democratic and others in autocratic elections. Some of these elections, writes Carl Henrik Knutsen, could solidify autocrats’ hold on power. Others might help dethrone them – and thus open up potential avenues for democratisation
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February 2, 2022

State-building prior to democratisation does not enhance economic development

Carl Henrik Knutsen
In a new book, Haakon Gjerløw, Carl Henrik Knutsen, Tore Wig and Matthew C. Wilson challenge conventional wisdom. Building state institutions before democratisation does not help long-term economic development, after all
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June 30, 2021

Playing the long game: why democracy is good for business

Carl Henrik Knutsen
Even today, there is no consensus on whether democracies or autocracies are better at generating economic development. Yet, writes Carl Henrik Knutsen, the best recent evidence indicates that democracies do, on average, promote higher growth
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photograph of Carl Henrik Knutsen
Carl Henrik Knutsen
Professor and Research Group Leader, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

Carl is also Senior Researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and one of the Principal Investigators for V-Dem.

His research interests include democracy measurement, the economic effects of political institutions, and the causes of regime change and stability.

Carl's main current research project is an ERC Consolidator Grant on autocratic politics.

He has published several books and around 60 articles in journals such as American Journal of Political Science, American Sociological Review, British Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Politics, Political Analysis, World Development, and World Politics.

He tweets @carlhknutsen

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