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May 6, 2021

How states manage international censure: Norway's response to criticism of its Child Welfare Services

Cecilie Basberg Neumann
When states are criticised, they normally recognise, reject or counter the critique. Yet they could listen to and contain criticism without directly rejecting or recognising it. Using criticism of Norway’s Child Welfare Services as an example, Kristin Haugevik and Cecilie Basberg Neumann show that diplomatic containment can prevent conflict accelerating and then damaging bilateral relations […]
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photograph of Cecilie Basberg Neumann
Cecilie Basberg Neumann
Professor in sociology at Oslo Metropolitan University

Cecilie holds a PhD in Criminology from the University of Oslo.

Her research centres on professionals, institutions, power, gender and care.

Cecilie's most recent book is Power, Culture and Situated Research Methodology (Palgrave, 2018, co-authored with Iver B. Neumann).

Power, Culture and Situated Research Methodology

She has also published in journals including the European Journal of International Relations, European Journal of Social Work, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, Hypatia, and Gender, Work and Organization.

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