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October 6, 2022

Rules of thumb can lead to politicians misjudging voters' reactions

Barbara Vis
Decision-makers need to be able to judge how voters will react to a policy. It is important for their continued electoral success, and for the success of the policy. Yet, write Chris Butler and Barbara Vis, systematic biases often lead policymakers to misjudge voters’ reactions to their policy decisions
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photograph of Barbara Vis
Barbara Vis
Professor of Politics & Governance, Utrecht University School of Governance

Barbara’s research and teaching interests are in political judgment and decision making, comparative political economy — especially welfare state research — and political methodology — especially Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).

Starting in 2023, she will be working on an ERC Consolidator grant project that examines how politicians respond to different types of uncertainty (radical, resolvable) in a diverse set of developed democracies: RadiUnce.

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