Articles by Andrew S. Roe-Crines

07 2021

Is Corbynism an ‘ism’? Or is it dead?

Andrew S. Roe-Crines
According to one’s personal perspective, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership either wrecked the Labour Party, or came close to saving it. But where does ‘Corbynism’ stand now under new leader Keir Starmer? Andrew S. Roe-Crines argues that it is entrenched in a longstanding historical debate about what Labour stands for
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photograph of Andrew S. Roe-Crines
Andrew S. Roe-Crines
Senior Lecturer in British Politics, University of Liverpool

Andrew is an award-winning academic researching political communication in British party politics.

His work has appeared in world-leading academic journals, and he is the writer/editor of a large number of books.

Andrew also researches voting behaviour within Westminster, and has an interest in British foreign policy.

Follow him on Twitter @AndrewCrines

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