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07 2021

What is the role of political science in public debate? A sobering lesson from Italy

Andrea Pritoni
Political scientists are typically accused of remaining in their ivory towers. YePolitical scientists are often accused of hiding away in ivory towers, yet their participation could significantly enhance public debate. Andrea Pritoni and Giulia Vicentini analyse one such case, in Italy. In so doing, they discover a missed opportunity to increase the social relevance of the disciplinet their participation could enhance public debate and increase the social relevance of the discipline. Andrea Pritoni and Giulia Vicentini analyse one such case, in Italian public debate, and discover a missed opportunity
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Andrea Pritoni
Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society, University of Turin

Andrea teaches Political Science (BA) and Interest Groups and Lobbying in Europe (MA).

He also collaborates with the Istituto Carlo Cattaneo in Bologna, where is the coordinator of the Editorial Committee of Italian Politics.

Andrea's main research interests are Italian politics, lobbying and interest group politics and higher education policy.

He has recently published articles in Comparative European Politics (2017), Government & Opposition (2018), Regulation & Governance (2019), Journal of Public Policy (2019), European Union Politics (2019), South European Society & Politics (2019), Higher Education (2020), Political Studies Review (2020) and European Political Science (2021).

Andrea has also published books on interest groups in Italy (2015 and 2018) as well as in a comparative perspective (2021), and co-edited a volume on the recent Italian constitutional referendum (2017).

Follow him on Twitter @andrea_pritoni

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