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December 17, 2021

EU solidarity requires distribution of responsibilities

Aline Bartenstein
Former Commission President Juncker proclaimed that 'solidarity is the glue that keeps our Union together'. But behind this general claim, the concept of solidarity remains nebulous. A federal perspective, argues Aline Bartenstein, helps us to understand the features of solidarity between member states, and why the counter-principle of subsidiarity is necessary
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Aline Bartenstein
Researcher at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, University of Hamburg

Aline received her PhD from the University of Cologne.

Her research explores intergovernmental solidarity and the institutionalisation of solidarity at the EU level, EU internal security and the EU as security provider, Schengen narratives and the EU's ontological security.

Since 2021, she has been part of the ZUSE project. The objective of this interdisciplinary research project is a more nuanced and differentiated understanding of security as a guiding concept of European solidarity and cohesion.

The Concept of Solidarity by Aline Bartenstein

The Concept of Solidarity – Energy Policy in the European Union
Nomos, 2021

She tweets @AlineBastein

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