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December 21, 2023

Why the EU needs to become more ‘positively anxious’

Franziskus von Lucke Scholars and the media often portray the ongoing polycrisis as undermining the EU’s self-understanding. This has led observers to describe the EU as an ‘anxious community’. But Franziskus von Lucke and Thomas Diez find that, on the contrary, EU actors remain surprisingly confident. While this may look like a positive finding, the authors argue that the EU needs more, not less, anxiety to deal successfully with current and future challenges Read more
December 19, 2023

🔮 The anxious voter: linking fears to right-wing populist voting

Anne Metten Globalisation, and its many uncertainties, shape our modern world. One might assume, therefore, that people worried about global issues vote for anti-globalisation parties. Anne Metten and Michael Bayerlein reveal a surprising twist: it's not those who have strong views on globalisation who support anti-globalisation right-wing populist parties Read more
October 24, 2023

Embracing anxiety can help us do better research

Karl Gustafsson Anxiety is widespread in academia, among faculty members and students. However, anxiety is not unequivocally a negative emotion. Karl Gustafsson and Linus Hagström argue that it can also be a creative force. Anxiety can help us develop better ideas and research problems. It can help us do better research Read more

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