🥾 Book in for Bootcamp in Dublin

For the second year running, Loop Editors are offering General Conference participants access to exclusive 'bootcamp' workshops to hone your blog-writing skills. Are you an early-career researcher who needs tips on writing short-form content in a journalistic style? Sign up for one of our sessions!

Launched in autumn 2020, The Loop publishes cutting-edge political science articles, realising greater levels of influence for academics in government and public life.

Blog pieces have an accessible, shorter format, swift turnaround time, and potential reach beyond academe. Publishing with us can help you build up valuable citations, by boosting traffic back to your academic research. All this makes blogging an important part of a contemporary scholar’s research profile.

Break free from academic style

Perhaps your experience is limited to writing book manuscripts and journal articles, which demand a particular academic style. We understand that this might make it hard for you to write in a way that limits nuance, balance, doubt and justification.

Yet at The Loop, we urge you to try it – and enjoy it! We don't want to dumb down your research, but to explain it clearly and concisely, and to encourage further reading.

Bring along some raw copy and together, we can give it the full 'Loop treatment' – formatting, improving readability (short, active sentences), and optimising for the web. We could even do some picture research!

If you don't have any text of your own to hand, we'll provide a rough draft (anonymised) of a piece currently in production, for you to have a play with. Slots available, as below:

Monday 12 August

Tuesday 13 August


Wednesday 14 August

15:00–15:45 BOOKED UP

To secure your place, email TheLoop@ecpr.eu and let us know which time slot suits you. First come, first served!

☘️ We look forward to seeing you in Dublin
Johanne, Martin, and Kate

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