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August 3, 2023

The radical left today is not radical, and why that matters

Vladimir Bortun
Some of the most successful radical left parties of the past decade are not really radical, argues Vladimir Bortun. These parties do not display the anti-capitalism that defines the radical left, but rather a socio-economic agenda akin to post-WWII social democracy. Labelling this neo-reformist left 'radical' is deeply problematic, conceptually and politically
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photograph of Vladimir Bortun
Vladimir Bortun
Postdoctoral Fellow Researcher, University of Oxford

Vladimir is a critical political scientist interested in political elites, left parties, and transnational politics.

He currently works on the Changing Elites project, where he focuses on the impact of social background on the ideology and decision-making of power elites.

His work is rooted in a historical materialist approach and has been published in Journal of Common Market Studies, Capital & Class, and New Political Science.

His first book is due to be published in 2023 by Palgrave Macmillan as Crisis, Austerity and Transnational Party Cooperation in Southern Europe: The Radical Left's Lost Decade.

He tweets @BortunVladimir

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