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September 23, 2022

🌊 Far-right populism and the neoliberal exclusionary state

Valentina Ausserladscheider
Across the globe, rar-right populism is on the rise. Its exclusionary nationalist nature poses a threat for liberal democracies. Taking Austria as a case study, Valentina Ausserladscheider explains the less obvious ways far-right populist nationalism can become deeply entangled with neoliberal economic policymaking
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March 30, 2022

Founded for peace, spending for defence: the EU and the invasion of Ukraine

Valentina Ausserladscheider
Germany's recently announced increase in defence spending reflects a broader European shift in response to the war in Ukraine. Using the concept of path dependency, Valentina Ausserladscheider believes that this shift breaks with the founding idea of peace in the European Union
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photograph of Valentina Ausserladscheider
Valentina Ausserladscheider
Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Economic Sociology, University of Vienna

Valentina is also a research affiliate at the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge, where she recently completed her PhD investigating the rise of economic nationalist ideas in far-right parties.

Her research focuses on the cultural and political nature of economic ideas.

In particular, Valentina is interested in how cultural values shape economic policy discourse when elite actors legitimise institutional change.

Her research has been published in the Review of International Political Economy and Sociology Compass.

She tweets @V_Apunkt

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