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February 22, 2022

🌊 The authoritarian consolidation attempt in Turkey

Ümit Akçay
Görkem Altınörs and Ümit Akçay analyse the political economy of regime change in Turkey. The AKP's 'authoritarian fix' strategy was a response to multiple crises in the 2010s. Now, it has led to an attempt at authoritarian consolidation
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Ümit Akçay
Lecturer and visiting scholar, Institute for International Political Economy Berlin, Berlin School of Economics and Law

Ümit has a PhD in development economics from Marmara University.

Since 2009, he has held various academic and teaching positions in Germany, the United States, and Turkey.

Ümit's research interests include international political economy, political economy of growth regimes, financialisation in emerging capitalist countries, political economy of new authoritarian regimes, and Turkey’s political economy.

He tweets @umitak

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