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January 4, 2022

The unmaking of developing countries' special rights in global trade politics

Till Schöfer
So-called 'developing countries' enjoy special rights in world trade. But it is the countries themselves that decide whether they want developing-country status, undermining the legitimcy of the system. Till Schöfer and Clara Weinhardt suggest three ways out of the developed-developing country stalemate
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photograph of Till Schöfer
Till Schöfer
PhD Candidate, Hertie School, Berlin / Researcher, University of Maastricht

Till holds degrees in international relations and history from the London School of Economics, Sciences Po, Paris and the University of Cambridge.

His doctoral thesis examines the changing status of emerging economies in international politics.

Further research covers the rights of developing countries in the WTO and the international trade regime more broadly.

He works as a researcher at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, having previously held research positions at the Hertie School in Berlin and Asia House in London.

He tweets @SchoferTill

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