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September 29, 2023

Brexit and the 'Merkel myth'

Tim Bale
When it came to Brexit, many British political actors placed far too much weight on Germany and its former Chancellor. Karl Pike and Tim Bale explore what they call the ‘Merkel myth’ and how it affected the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union
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April 14, 2023

🔮 The British Conservative Party’s journey towards the populist radical right

Tim Bale
Tim Bale, author of a new book on the Tories, argues they’ve been moving away from the mainstream for some time. It’s just that recent events have accelerated the process – and there are few, if any, signs of it stopping
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November 3, 2021

Boris Johnson wants net zero by 2050. Are his voters behind him?

Tim Bale
The UK may be in the limelight at COP26, with the government having set highly ambitious targets for net zero by 2050. But, Tim Bale argues, evidence suggests that parts of the British electorate – largely Tory supporters – may be sceptical about the merits of the policy
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photograph of Tim Bale
Tim Bale
Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University of London

Tim is a graduate of Cambridge, Northwestern, and Sheffield, and has taught politics at Sheffield, Victoria University of Wellington and Sussex.

He has worked at Queen Mary University of London since 2012.

Tim focuses on elections and political parties – their memberships, their links with unions and how parties on both the left and right have coped with the challenge posed by mass migration and the populist radical right.

As well as edited works and journal articles he has published books on the Conservative and Labour parties and is the author of European Politics: a Comparative Introduction.

In 2021, he has been lucky enough to co-edit or co-author three books: The Modern British Party System, Riding the Populist Wave and The British General Election of 2019.

His media commentary on politics is collected at

Follow him on Twitter @ProfTimBale

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