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March 28, 2023

💊 Misinformation, democracy, and the peace journalism solution

Steven Youngblood
Mis- and disinformation are an existential threat to democracy. Steven Youngblood shows how the principles of peace journalism can combat its corrosive effects
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Steven Youngblood
Director, Centre for Global Peace Journalism, Park University, Missouri

Steven is a communications and peace studies professor.

He has organised and taught peace journalism seminars and workshops in 43 countries/territories (30 in person; 13 via Zoom).

Steven is a two-time J. William Fulbright Scholar (Moldova 2001, Azerbaijan 2007).

He also served as a US State Department Senior Subject Specialist in Ethiopia in 2018.

Peace Journalism Principles and Practices Responsibly Reporting Conflicts, Reconciliation, and Solutions By Steven Youngblood

Peace Journalism Principles and Practice Routledge, 2016

Professor Komagum: Teaching Peace Journalism and Battling Insanity in Uganda

Professor Komagum Unlimited Publishing

Steven edits The Peace Journalist magazine, and writes and produces the Peace Journalism Insights blog.

He has been recognised for his contributions to world peace by the US State Department, Rotary International, and the World Forum for Peace, which named him a Luxembourg Peace Prize laureate for 2020–21.

He tweets @PeaceJourn

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