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June 27, 2023

Which voters stereotype Muslim politicians as homophobic?

Sanne van Oosten
We know that voters stereotype Muslim politicians as homophobic. However, they also project their own ideas about LGBTQ+ rights onto politicians. Sanne van Oosten examines which of these voter tendencies are likely to prevail with which voters, and argues that both strength and type of opinion matter
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photograph of Sanne van Oosten
Sanne van Oosten
PhD Candidate, University of Amsterdam

Sanne's research concentrates on how minority and majority voters respond to diversity in politics, and the role that discrimination plays in this.

Her primary focus is on the political representation of Muslims, women, and people with a migration background.

She will soon embark upon a postdoc on discrimination in work, housing and care, at the University of Oxford.

She tweets @SBvanOosten

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