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July 21, 2023

How income inequality threatens democracy

Svenja Hense
Income inequality threatens democracy by depressing trust in political institutions. To better understand why, Simon Bienstman, Svenja Hense, and Markus Gangl argue that we should pay attention to inequality’s negative effect on citizens’ evaluations of the democratic process
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Svenja Hense
Independent Scholar

Svenja was a postdoctoral researcher at Goethe-University Frankfurt from 2020 to 2022.

She gained her PhD from the University of Münster in 2019.

Her doctoral thesis examined how individuals' labour market risks translate into political attitudes and electoral behaviour.

In general, her research interests revolve around the interconnection of social or spatial and political inequalities.

In 2021, Svenja published in the European Journal of Political Research, on the underlying mechanisms of unequal responsiveness towards different social groups.

She has a journal article forthcoming on government partisanship and responsiveness.

She tweets @svhense

Contested Representation
Challenges, Shortcomings and Reforms, Cambridge University Press, 2022

Contested Representation: Challenges, Shortcomings and Reforms
Cambridge University Press, 2023
Chapter contributor, with Armin Schäfer

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