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September 6, 2021

State disengagement as a response to low-level conflict

Richard McAlexander
ways: by repressing their subjects, or conceding to their demands. Yet, write Joan Ricart-Huguet and Richard McAlexander, there is a third option. Weak states may use a strategy of state disengagement
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photograph of Richard McAlexander
Richard McAlexander
Postdoctoral Fellow, Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania

Richard is currently working on the Perry World House Borders and Boundaries Project.

His primary interests are in political violence, terrorism, nonviolent resistance, imperialism, and the evolution of international borders.

Richard's book project, The Politics of Anticolonial Resistance: Violence, Nonviolence and the Erosion of Empire, studies how the British Empire responded to different forms of resistance in its colonies.

He received his PhD from Columbia University, and holds an MA from Temple University and a BS from Drexel University.

Follow him on Twitter @the_rickmc

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