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November 18, 2022

Citizen assemblies must report on expert diversity and inclusion

Ruth Lightbody
Deliberative approaches like citizen assemblies are gaining traction, particularly to inform climate policy. To ensure the legitimacy of these processes, Jen Roberts and her team argue that the process of selecting experts involved in citizen deliberations should be transparent, and must consider diversity and inclusivity
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photograph of Ruth Lightbody
Ruth Lightbody
Senior Lecturer in Politics, Glasgow Caledonian University

Ruth’s principal research interests are deliberative democracy and public participation, and how they can be used to implement policy changes which tackle social inequalities and environmental issues.

She has established a reputation as a renowned expert in the area of deliberative democracy, providing guidance to the Scottish Government, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, What Works Scotland and other third sector organisations, policy actors and organisers of democratic innovations.

She tweets @RuthLightbody

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