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January 18, 2023

🌊 Interest groups in Central and Eastern Europe have become an endangered species

Rafael Labanino
Illiberal governments in Central and Eastern Europe are following a conscious strategy of hollowing out interest representation and stifling or co-opting civil society organisations. Rafael Labanino explains how the authoritarian playbook works – and how interest groups adapt or fight back
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photograph of Rafael Labanino
Rafael Labanino
Research Fellow, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Konstanz

Rafael’s main areas of research include social policy, social dialogue, higher education policy, (de-)democratisation, and interest group politics (mainly but not exclusively) in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as education for sustainable development in Germany.

He regularly writes op-eds, gives interviews, and appears on podcasts related to his research interests.

He tweets @labaninorp

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