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September 30, 2020

Building 'Feminist Power Europe'? On the possibilities and missed opportunities of feminist foreign policy

Roberta Guerrina
Responding to calls for the EU to adopt a Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP), Katharine A. M. Wright, Roberta Guerrina, Toni Haastrup and Annick Masselot argue that a simple ‘add women and stir’ approach is meaningless and possibly counterproductive unless it tackles, at the same time, historical and current patterns of exclusion and oppression
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Roberta Guerrina
Professor, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol

Roberta Guerrina is an expert in EU gender politics and policies.

She is interested in understanding the impact of gender (hierarchies) on key policy areas traditionally seen as gender neutral, such as Brexit, Security and Defence.

Currently, she is working on the unintended gender consequences of the UK's withdrawal from the EU. She has published in the area of Brexit; Women, Peace & Security; work-life balance; Identity politics and the idea of Europe.

She held the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Gender Politics (2017-2019) and is co-founder of the UACES-funded collaborative research network 'Gendering EU Studies'.

She co-authored one of the leading articles on the gendered impact of the UK's withdrawal from the EU: Walking in the Shadow of EU Law (with Annick Masselot). This article is making a detailed contribution to literature on the representation of women's interests in current debates about the future of UK policy post-Brexit.

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