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December 20, 2023

Are conferences for kids? Reconciling childcare, careers, and conferences 

Ruth Gazsó Candlish
Responding to the increasing presence of parents in academia, Ruth Gazsó Candlish and Katie B. Garner discuss the need for family-friendly conferences. Here, they share their experiences of conferencing with children, and offer suggestions for change
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photograph of Ruth Gazsó Candlish
Ruth Gazsó Candlish
PhD Candidate, Central European University

Ruth researches the politics of disability.

Alongside her studies, she has been actively involved in various efforts to address inequality in academia.

She founded and chaired a Student Family Committee; secured paid parental leave and child support grants for her fellow students; and worked as a Researcher for the SUPERA project (Supporting the Promotion of Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia European initiative).

In 2021, she was awarded first place in the Making Opportunities for Mothers in Academia Awards on account of her advocacy work.

Ruth has recently published a book chapter on policy advocacy for student parents, co-authored with Ana Belen Amil.

She had two children during her PhD.

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