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January 2, 2024

🎭 Democratic transformation through visibility, not popularity!

Paola Pierri
Social media has lured us all into a 'popularity trap'. We thought we were transforming democracy, but we are not. Paola Pierri makes the case for a politics of presence in the digital age. This, she argues, needs to advance the visibility of marginalised identities, not their popularity From popularity to visibility In our digital […]
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February 24, 2023

Five futures for digital advocacy organisations

Paola Pierri
Digital advocacy organisations have pioneered new strategies to mobilise people rapidly, and shape public opinion. But increasingly, they face challenges from new technologies, and complex relationships with NGOs. Nina Hall and Paola Pierri outline five potential futures for these organisations
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photograph of Paola Pierri
Paola Pierri
Deputy Head of the Institute of Design Research, University of the Arts Bern

Paola's research interest focuses on the social impact of technologies on our societies: from exploring questions of inequalities and justice, to investigating modes of digital activism and participation.

She has a doctorate in Design Anthropology from the London College of Communication and specialises in Anthropology of Technologies.

She was previously Director of Research at Democratic Society, where she led research on Digital and Democracy, exploring the social implications of digitalisation on society at large and the impact of digital technology on democratic practices and public spaces.

She has been a Research Fellow at the Weizenbaum Institute, researching questions of Digital Inequalities and Digital Sovereignty.

She tweets @paolapierri

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